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About AMG

AOFS Avatar Main2AOFS Management Group, LLC is a subsidiary of Atlanta Oral & Facial Surgery (AOFS).  AOFS was established in 1980 and has since grown into the largest oral surgery group in the United States.  In 1989, to overcome the obstacles caused by multiple offices and multiples doctors working in the various communities all over Northern Georgia, AOFS developed a centralized administrative services department.  This department took charge of the administrative “behind the scenes” responsibilities so that our Doctors and Support Staff could devote their attentions to patient care and practice development, and to minimize diversions and involvement of administrative issues. This has proven to be a key component in raising the level of patient safety and satisfaction in all of our surgical offices.


AMG Official Logos_AMG MediumOur experience over the years has resulted in a specialized and highly effective administrative team, which the AOFS Management Group (AMG) is extending to oral surgeons who have expressed the need to free themselves from their “second job”.  By partnering with AMG, what used to be hours spent doing the “paperwork” are now hours available to spend with patients, implementing a plan for practice growth, and/or enjoying the little things in life.

Our goal is to be your trusted partner who handles your administrative, human resource, and financial issues while providing the communications necessary to be confident that your practice is in order. AMG will accomplish this by working closely with you and your practice to develop a personalized list of services that you want to delegate.  Inclusive in all of the services you select, AMG will then provide you a single person of contact, your Practice Oversight Manager, to give you easy access to discuss and modify any and every aspect of these services.  Let AMG help you free up your valuable time, and get back to doing more of what you love.

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