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Human Resources

Employees are the most important asset of any company, no matter how large or small. They are also the biggest on-going challenge. Dealing with scheduling, payroll, benefits and conflicts are not avoidable; however, when these issues come up, they must be handled. Resolution with professionalism keeps the office moving without skipping a beat, prevents the office from coming to a screeching halt, and creates an environment that patients are comfortable and confident in. We understand human resource challenges and resolutions.

AMG offers the following available solutions:

  • Staffing Support

    • Address staffing changes

    • Develop and monitor employee schedules

    • Hiring processing

    • Conflict management

  • Payroll Administration

    • Timecard management

    • Paycheck processing

    • Tax records and reports

  • Benefit Management

    • Staff insurance programs

    • 401k Administration

    • Profit Sharing plans