Pat Shartzer

Accounting Avatar

Specializes in Financial Management and Practice Development. Pat has been with AOFS for many years. She started by working at the front desk, but quickly proved to be a valuable asset. She was office manager of one of AOFS’s office for many years. It was here that she created and fine-tuned the implant billing & ordering process for her doctor so that he would maximize his return on his implant cases. Her system quickly proved to be a trusted tool among other offices that grew into a company wide program. She is credited with the creation and development of the AOFS Implant Billing & Purchasing Department, and has single handed saved AOFS tens of thousands of dollars.

Since then, Pat continued her growth at AOFS by entering the Centralized Administrative Services Department, and becoming a part of the Accounting team (an Excel Master and Guru in hiding). She has played an integral role in the development of AMG and specializes in Accounting & Bank Reconciliation, Accounts Payable & Receivable, Patient A/R & Collection Account Management, and Business Control & Monitoring.

Pat enjoys spending time with her husband and their four-legged children. They enjoy spending time together, traveling to the country, hunting, and spending time outside.

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