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AMG Support

     Inclusive in all of the services you select, AMG will assign a Practice Oversight Manager who is the single point of contact for any questions  and  concerns that you may have.  The POM is the person who will work and meet directly with you. In addition, your POM has immediate access to the rest of the administrative specialists of AMG that have extensive knowledge in all elements of an oral surgery or dental practice.

     With your clear guidance in the early stages, it is our hope that your POM will become a trusted partner of your team.  While the initial set-up and implementation requires a little more involvement to get everything off the group, ultimately we hope that in time, your POM will be able to act in total congruence with your direction and rarely need to pull you away from your practice duties.

      To begin building this partnership, your Practice Oversight Manager and the AMG team will spend time in your office(s) to gather knowledge of your current protocols, and how much time is spent on the administrative services that you have asked us to help with. At the end of the assessment, your POM meets with you to present a personalized report that discusses the findings and develops a plan for your program implementation.

     Throughout our partnership, your Practice Oversight Manager will meet with you on a regular basis to discuss:

  • The status of any changes made (or to be made) within your office(s)

  • New issues or concerns

  • Your Practices’ financial performance reports and any other reports that you have requested

In cooperation with you, your office staff, your POM and the AMG team, we are confident that AMG can provide you with the administrative support needed to free up your time, and get you back to doing more of what you love; less of what you don’t.