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Procedure & Protocol

A smooth running office, with appropriate controls that collect accurate and complete information, are essential and help to assure a good patient experience. Without these protocols, the occurrences of errors begin to erode the confidence level of patient records and financial reports AMG offers assistance in reviewing and modifying protocols to provide congruency and efficiency between the administrative staff, surgical staff, and the doctor. It is our intention to implement improvements, as needed, so that all patients experience friendly, smooth and effective account services.

AMG offers the following available solutions:

  • Work Flow Evaluation

    • Administrative area efficiency

    • Surgical area efficiency

    • Insurance Verification services

  • Payment Controls

    • Cash handling procedures

    • Checks and balances for accuracy

  • Compliance Support

    • OSHA

    • HIPAA

    • PCI

    • Billing and Coding

  • Maintenance Services

    • IT/Network support

    • Building Maintenance and repair

    • Leasehold improvements